2023 Q1 IRI Quarterly Trends Analyzer

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Innovation Research Interchange
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The IRI Quarterly Trends Analyzer examines the strategic environment in which innovation and R&D take place and flags up potential trends that you should factor into your current strategic planning. At the end of each quarter, potential trends are examined by the IRI Foresights Advisory Board (FAB) through the lens of ‘What should Chief Technology Officers be thinking about over the next year?’. The FAB selects the potential trends that it feels will have the greatest impact and then pinpoints the questions that you should ask yourself to ensure you are adequately preparing for these trends. In this report, you will find a description of those key potential trends, links to learn more about them, and the list of questions that the FAB thinks will be most helpful to you. In addition, we include some interesting possibilities (‘weak signals’) at the end of the report that we will keep an eye on to see if they will rise to the level of an impactful trend.

2023 First Quarter Trends

  • Governments and industry at (even more) loggerheads over sustainability
  • AI reworking the way we work
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) accountability spike
  • Innovation ecosystems remapped