TRACK Workshop: Pitch Perfect: Crafting Effective and Engaging Innovation Stories

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1 pm - 4:30 pm

Strategic Planning, New Product Development, Tools & Techniques

This workshop will provide the keys to building effective, engaging innovation stories that leverage proven best practices in innovation. Participants will explore tools within the one-of-a-kind Innovation Storytelling Toolkit and learn how to leverage the Five Drivers of Innovation Storytelling. Participants will engage with specific story frameworks and patterns to develop stories that maximize empathy, impact, evidence, engagement, and alignment in innovation stories.

Workshop Outline: 

Introduction to Innovation Storytelling

  • State of the Field
  • Defining innovation storytelling
  • The Narrative Arc
  • Organizational Storytelling Cultures

Tools for Innovation Storytelling 

  • Storytelling Frameworks
  • Storytelling Patterns
  • Storycrafting Techniques
  • The Five Drivers of Innovation Storytelling

Toolkit Introduction 

  • A Tour of the Innovation Storytelling Toolkit

Specific tools within the Innovation Storytelling Toolkit

  • Discovering Happy Accidents Pattern
  • Seizing the Opportunity

The session will include break-outs to work with the tools and techniques in order to evaluate understanding and also build connections with the other participants.

Who should attend:

Innovation managers, leaders, and team members, researchers, engineers, technical, R&D, coders, clinicians, scientists, executive leaders, and all other high-growth professionals expected to communicate, market, or propel innovation.

Registration Fees:

IRI Members: $295
Non Members: $395 

Due to limited seating, we request that you cancel at least 48 hours before a scheduled class. This gives us the opportunity to fill the class. However, if you do not cancel prior to the 48 hours, you will lose the payment for the class.

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Stephen Taylor

Untold Content

Stephen Taylor, Ph.D. – Equipped with a PhD in Chemistry, Stephen brings to Untold a decade of university research and teaching experience–plus another decade of industry R&D experience. Before joining Untold, Stephen served as Technical Manager of R&D at a global chemical company, where he designed a New Product Development stage-gate process from the ground up. With eyes for innovation and awards granted for scientific and technical presentations, Stephen supports companies in leveraging the insights of their experts.

Katie Taylor


Untold Content

Katie Taylor is founder and CEO of Untold Content, an innovation storytelling firm that supports public and private sector organizations in scientific, medical, technical, and social innovation verticals to effectively communicate their ideas, insights, and impacts. She is a former research professor in professional writing who now leads a team of MA- and PhD-level writers, researchers, and designers who provide hands-on content strategy and content creation services as well as immersive training experiences that empower teams to successfully communicate their innovative work. She hosts the Untold Stories of Innovation podcast and has interviewed more than 100 global innovation leaders to explore the role storytelling plays in the innovation process.

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